Ever since starting a more serious professional website, I wanted to provide a selection of recent scientific papers on particular topics. I tried several of the Gadgets to get an RSS feed on my website, but none worked to satisfaction. Then I found FeedSweep which so far appears to do exactly what I want. So far I have set it up to filter the recent issues of Genetics and American Journal of Botany for keywords related to polyploidy.
Unfortunately, Google Sites does not allow code in the HTML, so I got around this by creating a separate blog with the filtered feed. I'm still tweaking with the exact presentation, but so far I'm quite impressed. Only downside I noticed so far is that things are added that look like links (for example on the word "performance") but are in fact ads once you move your mouse over them. There are not too many of these, and they are not as annoying as real pop-ups, so for now I'll have to live with it. Have a look!

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