Today I returned to a program that I quite like, Mendeley. This reference management software allows you to store PDFs and references, and to share them with collaborators. Especially nice is that your library can be synchronised on several computers through an online personal account. Also nice is that bibliographic metadata information can be automatically extracted from PDF files that are simply drag-and-dropped into a Mendeley folder. Although this feature has clearly not yet been fully developed, it already works well for PDFs of which the DOI can be found on the first page. In principle, plugins are available for WORD allowing citation and referencing, but this still has many problems to be useful. All-in-all, Mendeley does not quite yet offer a full alternative for reference managing software like Endnote or Reference Manager, but its development is rapid so I would not be surprised if this changes in the very near future. Finally, Mendeley lets you create your a personal online profile.

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